WIN+F can go WIN+FUCK itself

Some recent Windows 10 update introduced this stupid new “Feedback Hub” thing that gets triggered every time I hit WIN+F.  This is supremely obnoxious because I often do remote development on a Mac over VNC from my Windows 10 PC, and WIN+F is the key combination used to invoke the “Find” dialog in most Mac apps when operating a Mac using a PC keyboard.  So at least half the time now, when I’m in a full-screen remote desktop (VNC) session to my Mac and I hit WIN+F to search for some text, I’m ripped completely out of my remote session by Windows 10 and presented with the god-damned-mother-fucking-Feedback-Hub-yet-again!  Microsoft, get off your collective asses and at least provide an option to DISABLE THE WIN+F SHORTCUT KEY FOR INVOKING FEEDBACK HUB!!  And before anyone asks: yes, I already sent Microsoft this feedback using the fucking Feedback Hub!  *Picard*facepalm*

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