Fix for SMSL M6 DAC losing USB sync and going silent due to static discharge when you touch it

Received my SMSL M6 DAC today, and it’s everything I’d hoped — except for one nagging problem: about half the time that I’d reach over to adjust the volume, the unit would stop producing sound and the PC would seem to think the device was disconnected.  Sometimes it would even cause all the other USB devices connected to the same hub to reboot themselves! Some online sleuthing and local elimination-of-factors revealed this to be a simple design problem: there is no solid ground connection between the shield of the USB jack and the metal case. It was pretty simple to take the unit apart, solder a grounding wire to the USB shielding inside the unit, and then loop the bare end of that wire around one of the screws when reassembling the case. Problem solved! It just sucks that such a simple thing should plague an otherwise excellent product.

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