NTFS pisses me off.

NTFS sucks.  The way it prevents files-in-use from being overwritten sucks.  It causes so many buggy system states due to Windows Updates being installed but the required reboot still pending.  Once in that state, Windows goes berzerk — random things crash, system slows down, network performance gets intermittent — until you finally reboot.  It’s even worse in Windows 10 with the new “silent” defaults for Automatic Updates, because now it’ll just silently download and install but then schedule a reboot for later, thus leaving your system in an unstable bizarre state and not even telling you that’s the case.  So you sit down to use Windows 10, and everything’s acting buggy and weird, and you tear your hair out for an hour trying to figure out if you’ve got a failing RAM stick or need to roll back to a previous System Restore state (which, btw, is not enabled by default in Windows 10, thanks Microsoft!), only to finally discover there’s a pending reboot needed due to Windows Updates.  You reboot, and all the problems are magically gone.  All due to NTFS sucking hairy goat spheroids.

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