Stereoscopic 3D gaming is awesome

After purchasing a 3D-capable TV late last year, I wondered if I could use it for gaming in 3D.

It turns out NVIDIA has a driver add-on for most of their modern video cards that will allow the video card to produce a stereoscopic 3D signal out to your TV.  It works with a lot of games to varying degrees without any special support needing to be built into the game, since it’s just a driver-level layer.  And when it works, it’s spectacularly immersive.  Borderlands 2, Trackmania 2, Distance, and many others look amazing… and I swear the real sense of depth in an FPS actually improves my aim and makes sniping a pure joy.

Everybody keeps talking about AR and VR headsets being the hot new thing out of E3, but then discussion inevitably turns to the state of software support.  I’ll tell you this: if Occulus Rift simply works with NVIDIA’s 3D TV Play driver out of the box, its users will immediately have access to a more immersive experience in many of the games they already know and love.

That alone would be the “killer app” that would drive mass-adoption.  Instead of having to buy a 3DTV (and deal with the inevitable ghosting artifacts that arise from left/right image “crosstalk” through the 3D glasses), just put on a VR headset and have an awesome 3D gaming experience.

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