Steam voice chat won’t connect or work with in-home streaming enabled, but here’s a workaround

Steam (for Windows, at least) has this nifty “in-home streaming” feature that’s sort of like Remote Desktop for gaming.  It lets you use an underpowered PC in your house (like a laptop) as a thin client for your main gaming PC.

If this feature is enabled, and your Steam account happens to be logged into multiple PCs/devices, and you try to use one PC to start or join a Steam voice chat, it will refuse to connect (without giving you any helpful error message) due to a really obnoxious bug in the Steam client.

Here’s the workaround to get voice chat working:

  1. Log your Steam account out of ALL Steam clients on ALL PCs/devices.
  2. Now that you are completely logged out, have everyone else who was attempting to voice chat with you restart their Steam clients.  They must do this to “reset” their Steam clients’ knowledge of which Steam client you are using.
  3. Now you can log back into the Steam client ONLY on the PC you are trying to use.
  4. Now your voice chat will finally connect and work.

Hopefully Valve will get off their collective asses and stop dicking around with Linux long enough to fix this incredibly obnoxious issue impacting the majority (i.e. Windows users) of their customer base.

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