The Ten Worst Engineering Mistakes

The Ten Worst Engineering Mistakes
(according to me)

  1. Keeping team members around who keep violating the remaining 9 pitfalls.
  2. Always putting short-term goals above long-term goals.
  3. Neglecting to recognize, understand, prioritize, and balance all relevant factors.
  4. Neglecting to invest the resources required to deliver the intended result.
  5. Neglecting to thoroughly use and test your own creations under real-world scenarios.
  6. Creating something that cannot be easily maintained, extended, or understood.
  7. Creating something that creates more problems than it solves.
  8. Creating something that does not behave safely, responsively, and as expected.
  9. Creating something that is not obvious and elegant for its intended audience to use.
  10. Creating something that requires a lengthy initial setup before it is ready to use.
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