What does Christmas mean to an atheist?

Many people are surprised and confused when I tell them that I, an atheist, celebrate Christmas.
Christmas isn’t just about religion and the supposed birth of Christ.  It’s also about family, friends, giving, well-being, and tradition.  I celebrate the holiday for all of those great non-religious reasons, and to me they are entirely what the holiday is about.
Christians who say I have no business celebrating Christmas are committing terrible wrongs: intolerance and trying to tell others how to live.
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One Response to What does Christmas mean to an atheist?

  1. Michelle says:

    You’re absolutely right to celebrate as you see fit.  My family and I are atheist also and celebrate with giving gifts to the less fortunate, and giving home-made gifts to our beloved friends and family.  We celebrate this feeling all year long with volunteering, but the lesson hits home better for the kids during the holidays.Best wishes to you for the holidays!

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