Wrist surgery for Xmas

Last Thanksgiving (2006), I injured my left wrist and forearm while trying to lift a heavy broken car trunk lid on my parents’ car.  Ever since then, I’ve had severe recurring pain in my left wrist joint.  Since I play bass guitar in a band, and I type at a computer all day for a living, my left wrist and forearm are frequently under a lot of strain, which probably didn’t help matters much either.
It took many months of physical therapy, a wrist specialist, an X-ray, and an MRI to finally discover the root cause: I had developed a ganglion cyst inside the wrist joint, about the size of two peas.  In my case the cyst did not protrude and was not visible from the outside surface, but it showed clearly on the MRI, and I sure felt the pain it caused me.  I opted to have the cyst surgically removed.
I had the surgery today.  It wasn’t a big deal relative to other experiences I’ve had (such as LASIK, which was horrific).  Everything went well, no complications.   No other abnormal looking tissue or anything inside the joint.  My arm is now in a "splint", which is more like a cast without the hard outer fiberglass shell, for the next 2 weeks.  After that, the splint comes off and the stitches come out, and I start rehabilitation to get my range of motion back.
Hopefully this will cure the pain and I can get back to my bass-playing hobby in about a month.
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